Inaugural Message


(This message was published when the website for Khalsa Diwan Malaysia was started)

Khalsa Diwan Malaysia (K.D.M.) was established on 27th December 1903 at Taiping. At that time, it was the only Sikh body that catered for the needs of the Sikhs such as establishing Gurdwaras, Punjabi Education and ‘Dharam Parchar’. Through these needs, other requirements of the community such as cultural, social, sports and religion were taken care of. With the establishment of other Sikh bodies in Malaysia the responsibilities of K.D.M. were shared.

With the ‘kirpa’ of ‘Waheguru’ the K.D.M. aims to fill in the vacuums that are glaringly visible in the ‘Panth’. These are mainly in the field of education, ‘parchaar’ and ‘granthis’. We have embarked on the first mission nationwide with a vision. We intend to leave behind an infrastructure that could withstand the test of time. Once its established, we intend to move in to solve the other two. I would like to clarify here that we will definitely need the co-operation, help and expertise from other sister organisations in Malaysia to overcome those shortages. After my visit to Punjab in November 2003 and subsequent meetings with S.G.P.C. and Khalsa Diwan Amritsar, I am of the view that we, Sikhs outside India, have to stand on our own feet and solve our problems in our own countries. Lets look inwards, unite and achieve our aspirations. We, Sikhs outside India, have unique and peculiar problems as per our country of adoption. Only we can overcome them. We Malaysians are lucky to have a very supportive Government and are free to worship and preserve our culture as well as fulfil our needs.

In Malaysia, we have the Sikh Naujawan Sabha (S.N.S.M.) that caters for the youth. Youth of today are energetic, intelligent and independent. They are our future. Besides the youth, S.N.S.M. has always stepped in to provide all-round needs of the community. Then we have the Malaysia-Singapore Sikh Sports Council (M.S.S.S.C.) that takes care of the physical needs such as sports. We also have the Sant Sohan Singh Ji Memorial Society with its programmes towards preaching and training of priests. We have a host of other bodies looking into the social and cultural needs of Malaysian Sikhs. We even have a political body. If only all these bodies could coordinate and take up one or two aspects of our needs, we could largely achieve what we want. Through coordination, we would minimise over-lapping of activities thus making optimum use of scarce capital and resources. A coordinating body of all associations and societies is in order.
I hope that you find our website informative and interesting. Please take some time to view all the pages and sign the guest book. Happy surfing!!!!
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

In Sewa Of The Panth,