Membership KDM


4.1.              Any Malaysian Sikh, 21 years of age and above, may apply for membership of the Diwan provided that:
4.1.1.         He is a “Kesadhari” (with unshorn hair).
4.1.2.         He believes and has faith in one Immortal Being.
4.1.3.        He believes and has faith in the teachings of the ten Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib.
4.1.4.        He believes and has faith in the baptism bequeathed by the tenth Guru.
41.5.        He does not owe allegiance to any other religion.

4.2.        Any other Sikh who does not fulfil the provisions of Sub-Article 4.1. may apply to become an Associate Member (Sahaik ). Such member may make suggestions and enjoy all the privileges of an ordinary member except that he shall not be eligible to hold office or to vote at any General meeting.

4.3.          Application for membership shall be made in a prescribed form obtained from the  
Secretary. Each applicant shall be proposed by one and seconded by another member of the Diwan in benefit.

4.4.         The completed application form together with the annual subscription and entrance fee shall be forwarded to the Secretary.

4.5.        The Executive Committee of the Diwan shall have the right to reject any application for membership under any category, without assigning any reason. Three (3) or more “Negative “votes by secret ballot shall mean an automatic rejection of the application.

4.6.       The Diwan shall have 3 categories of membership viz:          4.6.1.    Ordinary Members
4.6.2.    Life Members
4.6.3.    Associate Members (Sahaik)

4.7.         In the event that the application for membership is rejected under Sub-Article 4.5. the amount received with the application for membership form shall be refunded in full to the applicant.

4.8.        Any rejected applicant may re-apply for membership after a lapse of one year.