Inspectorate System


Khalsa Diwan Malaysia performed an evaluation of the Inspectorate system which has been in existence since 2009. It has decided to maintain and revamp the existing Inspectorate system to make it to more effective, efficient and relevant with current developments in the teaching and learning of Punjabi in the Education Centers (PECs) in particular and the Malaysian education system in general.

2. The Inspectorate system has worked well and the visits of Inspectors have provided valuable feedback to the various stakeholders, that is, the teachers, managers, pupils, parents and KDM Headquarters on the teaching and learning of Ma Boli at the PECs.

4. The duties and responsibilities of the Inspectors will encompass the following:

4.1 Visit their respective Zones and observe the teaching and learning of Punjabi in the PECs;
4.2 focus on assessing/ evaluating teachers to determine whether what was taught during periodic training sessions is used in the teaching and learning environment. Coaching and mentoring should be used to enhance the quality & professionalism of PEC teachers and management;
4.3 ascertain whether PEC teachers are following the prescribed syllabus;
4.4 check Registers, Record Books, Work Books, exercise books and whether audio visual aids are being used in the teaching and learning of Punjabi in the PECs;
4.5 inspect each PEC at least once each semester;
4.6 submit a written report of their observations to the PEC concerned for clarifications if any and advice.

5. Besides the above duties and responsibilities, and as a way forward to enhance professionalism of the Inspectors, KDM has decided that Inspectors;
5.1 prepare an Annual Work Plan;
5.2 that their scope of work covers no more than 5 PECs;
5.3 they conduct an Entrance Interview & an Exit Interview with Principal/Management of the PEC;
5.4 at the Exit Interview brief the Principal/Management on remedial action to be taken to improve the teaching and learning of Ma Boli;
5.5 they conduct a follow up action at the PEC after a stipulated time frame;
5.6 to hold a meeting to discuss the findings of the Inspectorate at regional level;
5.7 prepare an annual Inspectorate Report which highlights the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOP) identified and remedial action to be taken for future improvement of the performance of the PECs;

6. Inspectors perform their duties as a service to the community to ensure that “Ma Boli” Punjabi is kept alive and the teachers are able to teach the children in the best possible manner.

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